I’m really excited about putting together this solo inspirational music tour, which will feature all the new material on the LISTEN…for Thy voice CD and where of course I’ll perform, play and sing..songs and hymns from the Newsong Groups CDs, including Satisfied and Come Gracious Spirit, but also brand new settings of loved words, including The Lord’s Prayer, What Manner Of Love, Brood Oe’r Us and many more. I’ll also talk about my composing process, my God inspired life as a musician, and about music in our church services.

I’m currently booking dates for a “LISTEN… to Thy voice” worldwide tour if you’d like to hear this new music live in your church, your reading room, your home, your community centre, please do get in touch with me.

Also available for house concerts!

House concerts are private events in the homes of music fans. Friends, neighbours, and acquaintances are typically invited to attend a two-set performance and make a suggested donation of £10-20 per person. Often there’s a pot luck dinner or dessert, and it’s not unusual for guests to bring a beverage along with their favorite dish.

Most house concerts take place in normal houses in normal living rooms. These shows are attended by people who will want to talk to the artistes…I’m really happy with that idea.

You might sit within three feet of me , and looking at me and listening to every word… I’m really happy with that too….This is not for shy artists. This is not for smelly artists. This is not for prima donnas. This is (usually) not for a full drum kit, backline, and entourage….but it is for..

House Concerts: the lifeboats of the music industry?
Just ask, and you’ll find many artists who will tell you they simply could not tour without the added financial support of house concerts along the way. Scratch just below the surface we find that house concerts are bringing artists (literally) closer to their fans. Sometimes they even help artists rediscover what they enjoy most about playing music: an intimate connection with an audience.


Fully self contained with PA sound system, Yamaha digital piano, mics and full public liability insurance ( £5 million )

I’m also able to do a video presentation for you, for you to play and view at anytime.  (VIMEO or similar) This can of course be as long/short as you wish….although I have to admit that a live presentation is by far and away THE BEST option.

To find out more about Andrew and his music and availability  for an inspirational concert, please contact here