A taster of what people are saying about my work…

I have seen Andrew’s talents grow and develop over many years. Listening to him play and sing could be described as magical, inspirational, packed with joy, and deeply moving! He has a unique talent that he uses to the full and brings happiness and healing wherever he performs. It is wonderful that people like Andrew are sharing his kind of music with the world!
— Jill Gooding, London, UK
I really like the music that Andrew Brewis sings, plays, accompanies and composes. His music has the effect of making me feel good when I listen to it. He is very talented. I think he includes the listeners, the audience, in the sentiments of his songs to very good effect.
— Melanie Alexandar, UK
I love all the music The Newsong Group produces, and I especially love, as Andrew describes, how effortlessly their vision and healing ministry has flowed from the beginning without having to force anything. It was just responding to a need! Andrew’s setting of Mary Baker Eddy’s poem “Satisfied” in the new Christian Science Hymnal supplement is an all-time favorite.
— Kendra, Boston
As a listener in one of Andrew’s Southern California concerts, I can only say how much we were all deeply moved — and uplifted and inspired — by his outpouring of love, for the music AND his audience. It was a very very special afternoon and we can’t wait for him to return to sunny shores!
— Madelon Maupin, California, U.S.A.
I first heard Andrew on his California tour and fell in love with his music. . . specifically all the variations on his REFUGE CD. I often play them during our prison services. . .as solos. There is a comforting healing quality that shines thru. You feel love expressed. Looking forward to getting hold of the new releases.
— George Birdsong, California, U.S.A.
I first heard Andrew playing in a friend’s sitting room, here in Cape Town. I fell in love with the easy-on-the ear flowing quality of his music and the sincerity and joy his voice left me with a really happy feeling!
— Rosemary Deary, CapeTown, South Africa