andrew d brewis

Hi there ! I’m a singer / songwriter  based in London, England..I write music, play piano, sing and entertain an I’m also a member of the British Academy of Composers and Songwriters.

This website is specifically set up to promote and increase awareness of the Christian/ inspirational music that I write, produce, record and perform. It’ll be a place too where I hope to write regular blogs on thoughts and new music…and hope it will become a forum where I can exchange ideas and inspiration with like-minded people across the globe…especially as its all linked in with facebook, twitter and linked-in.

I have recently concentrated on writing inspirational and religious music for use in church and worship services. A lot of my professional work time is now deeply rooted in writing, sharing and performing this inspirational music.
My  catalogue of sheet music  is ever increasing. My contemporary hymn settings are published all over the world and sung in church services around the globe ! Solo settings too have been performed at venues all over the world and several other artistes have also included my compositions on their own albums….a privilege indeed !

There’s something for everyone in this range of beautiful ballads, upbeat worship melodies, and lyrical contemporary pieces.

I write as the inspiration takes me….moving, original melodies, which touch the heart through their simplicity. Indeed, I hope they are immensely singable….Whats the point of a song if its not singable ?!


The Newsong Group is still alive and kicking..with tour plans for both this year and next and a very special CD idea we are working on too !

To date we’ve released four inspirational CDs: “Songburst”, “Gracenotes” , “Upbeats”, and now ” SOULSCAPES “… with  two of my very best friends in the world, together we are known as The Newsong Group.

The Newsong Group have released four cds with his recording partnership, The Newsong Group. All albums have been sold world-wide and sales have exceeded expectations.

A lifelong Christian, I know that all my inspiration comes directly from a higher source.

“When I leave myself out of the composing process, the ideas, melodies and arrangements just flow seamlessly with no apparent human effort ….. it is such a joy.”


I’m available for inspirational concerts and to share some of his new work and songs as well as some of those featured on 4 CDs.

In these concerts I will not only perform the songs and settings I’ve written but also talk with my audience about the inspiration behind my music..

” I think that music is able to spiritually prod and poke us, stirring, awakening, and ultimately heal”

I’m writing new pieces and settings almost on a daily basis.

I’m very excited about a new setting of the ultimate prayer, The Lord’s Prayer, this I hope to record very soon…firstly in English   and then in collaboration with a lovely friend based in New York, in Spanish …after that I’ll get the music transcribed for choir and perhaps in Latin too.

New settings too of

  • From Sense To Soul
  • He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands
  • Love’s Ever Presence
  • Mountain Streams
  • O Jesus Our Dear Master
  • Behold What Manner Of Love

In the Autumn of 2012 I embarked on a jam packed 10 day…8 night  concert tour to California playing  all new music and where I shared a small EP Refuge with friends and fans, old and new. ( I have about 20 copies remaining )

I’m now looking to share my inspiration and music with you and your community.

So whether you’d like a full concert in a theatre, a concert in your church or meeting room, or even at your home…as the Doris day song goes “I’m ready, willing and able “!

To find out more about me and my music and availability  for an inspirational concert, please call  01932 228368 or e-mail

Fully self contained with PA sound system, Yamaha digital piano, mics and full public liability insurance ( £5 million )


l’m equally at home entertaining in the intimate surroundings of a champagne piano bar as  performing on stage, radio and television.

I’m a  member of the British Academy of Composers and Songwriters. I’ve been a professional pianist, singer, songwriter, teacher and cabaret artist for more than 25 years.  ( I started at a young age!)

I’m currently resident at The Wentworth Club, London where I’m also the Club’s music consultant. Here I entertain the guests in the champagne bar, playing and singing the other type of songs I adore, THE GREAT AMERICAN SONGBOOK…with strains of Cole Porter, Gershwin and the like.

Apparently now a recognized master of my art, my  performances and recordings are quintessentially English, but with an international slant and a truly international following – having performed in London, New York, Chicago, Boston, Cape Town, Johannesberg and many other cities around the world.