“I have seen Andrew’s talents grow and develop over many years. Listening to him play and sing could be described as magical, inspirational, packed with joy, and deeply moving! He has a unique talent that he uses to the full and brings happiness and healing wherever he performs. It is wonderful that people like Andrew are sharing his kind of music with the world!”

Jill Gooding, London, U.K.

Becoming a writer and performer of hymns and inspirational music is something that really ” found me “and its now part of who I am   SO, writing, recording, performing and sharing this inspirational music is now something I wish to develop more…and I’d like to take my fans and supporters with me …So please take a browse around the website, become a facebook friend too, if you like, check out the andrew d brewis you tube channel,join me on twitter, listen to the music, host a house concert, come to a concert and generally spread the word.

Music reaches beyond denominational borders; it is often able to lift, heal and connect with people of various beliefs or of no particular faith.

I think that music is able to spiritually prod and poke us, stirring, awakening, and ultimately heal

Please join with me.

With love

Andrew x