ONE CD– from Andrew D. Brewis is a solo album of all new settings, of loved texts from various sources including The Bible.

Tracks recorded include

The Lord’s Prayer, Behold What Manner Of Love, Loves Ever Presence, Brood O’er Us, Shepherd Show Me, Don’t Be Afraid, He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands, From Sense To Soul, Father We Thy loving Children,The Lord Is My Shepherd, In Atmosphere Of love Divine…and more !

 “Another beautiful creation of Soul’ Jan True, California, USA

This CD is what I term “back to basics” ..where the melody and the words are paramount. So its yours truly on vocals and piano with double bass to add resonance, courtesy of a beautifully musical man, friend and ultimate professional, Robert Rickenberg.

I’ll also be producing to accompany the new recording a songbook of all the tracks recorded, so that fans will be able to hear my arrangement and then be able to play their own renditions from the sheet music.

I have two hymns published in the Christian Science Hymnal Supplement, hymn    a setting of Mary Baker Eddy’s poem Satisfied and also hymn  Come Gracious Spirit.

Price: £12.00
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