LISTEN…for Thy voice


Delighted to announce that I have been working and liasing on a new C.D. alongside the lovely people at The Christian Science Publishing Society in Boston, U.S.A. Its been a labour of LOVE…but we are finally ready to share it with you.


LISTEN FOR THY VOICE            The C.D.

Take a “listen” here’s a little taster

“The more I write, the more I discover how music can spiritually prod and poke us: stirring, awakening and ultimately healing. For me this has been a journey of “listening.” I hope you find as much inspiration and healing in the “listening” as I have had in the composing.”

It has 16 tracks on it. The compositions and arrangements are all new musically but the words will be so very close to ones heart with new settings of The Lord’s Prayer, From Sense to Soul and O Lord I Would Delight In Thee as well as several Mary Baker Eddy poems; including Christ My Refuge and Feed My Sheep. Also words by Fenella Bennetts and Jill Gooding.

Its a very soft, gentle, inspring, and healing CD that can be used also for curch services solos…and ther are also three piano solos on it, suitable for prelude and postlude music. It features me as both composer, pianist and singer …and on several tracks I’m joined by my good friend and amazing musician Robert Rickenberg on double bass.


I’m so grateful to all who have helped me realise this new CD…it really has been a journey of “LISTENING “. So…

Thank you Lizzie Witney for your amazing artwork !

Thank you to Ryan and Phebe at The Mother Church

Thank you to Sasha and Karen for everything

The C.D. will be available to purchase worldwide at Christian Science Reading Rooms , you can also download it digitally !

Here is a list of tracks on the new CD:

1 “‘Feed My Sheep’” 2:44
2 Father, We Thy Loving Children 4:53
3 O Lord I Would Delight in Thee 4:18
4 From Sense to Soul 2:07
5 “‘Feed My Sheep’” piano solo 2:51
6 Not What I Am 2:45
7 As Sings the Mountain Streams 2:22
8 From Sense to Soul piano solo 2:28
9 The King of Love 2:47
10 “Christ My Refuge” 2:15
11 Psalm 23 / My Shepherd 3:07
12 “Love” 3:43
13 The Lord’s Prayer 3:08
14 “Three L’s for Life” 4:08
15 Behold What Manner of Love 5:42
16 Behold What Manner of Love piano solo 3:33

To accompany the release of this CD I’m preparing a “LIVE” tour if you’d like to hear this new music live in your church, your reading room, your home , your community centre, please do get in touch with me .

Research has shown that “listening together”, actually at a live performance of music, surrounded by other “listeners” has a really positive impact on the brain and subsequently the body ! So however amazing streaming a concert on the internet may be …there is no substitute for actually being there for real, listening live !

Here is a recent press quote :

“It is of note that none of these biological changes were associated with age, musical experience or familiarity with the music being performed. This suggests there is a universal response to concert attendance among audience members.”