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 I shall shortly be applying for a U.S.A  work visa an O3…which once granted will allow me to work unhindered in the USA, for 3’ll be easily renewed too. I’ve been informed by the attorney who’ll be working for me that with all my experience and all that I have to offer…the authorities should grant me the visa. So very excited about that prospect….I’ll keep you all posted! On that point of anybody would like to support my application …all letters of support are very much appreciated…and will be looked on favourably by the authorities .


I’m really excited about putting together a solo inspirational music tour, to accompany the release of the ONE CD and SONGBOOK, where of course I’ll perform, play and sing..songs and hymns from the new CD, I’ll also talk about my composing process, my God inspired life as a musician, and about music in our church services. The concert can be quite literally a solo performance from me, or also there is the possibility of support of supporting instrumentalists in the form of double bass and drums.

I believe that music reaches beyond denominational borders; often able to lift, heal and connect with people of various beliefs or of no particular faith.

So wherever you are in the world, UK, Europe, U.S.A, Australia, do get in touch and lets get the ball rolling! I’m happy to chat about ideas, concert options and dates either via e mail, phone or by Skype. ( Please see contact page )


I received all the funding needed to bring to fruition my new solo CD…and now after a lot of listening and prayer its now ready to purchase. I’ll be sending out copies to all those who very kindly helped, financially …soon to be followed by the Songbook, which is taking a little longer to produce ( I want to make sure I get as many crotchets and quavers correctly notated as possible…as I seem to play it differently every time I play it !)